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Meet our Dallas Territory Manager Team

Sunbelt’s focus is to improve our clients’ profits and productivity. In order for this to be accomplished, it is essential to have the process, the procedures and the people in place. Team work is critical in accomplishing our goals. Fortunately, Sunbelt Industrial Trucks has an outstanding and professional equipment sales team in Dallas focused on finding the best solutions for our clients.

Bob Elzbieciok

Bob Elzbieciok- Dallas Territory Manager

Bob Elzbieciok
was born in the Chicago area and has been involved, directly and indirectly, in the forklift industry since 1970. Bob originally became involved in the forklift industry by selling industrial forklift tires. He continued within the industry until 1979 when he began selling forklift equipment in the “Oil Patch” of West Texas. In 1982 he became coworkers with Bill Rowan and Warren Cornil before the establishment of Sunbelt Industrial Trucks. Finally in September of 1987, Bob began his career here at Sunbelt. He and his wife, Gerry, have been married for 44 years. They have one daughter named Kat who was born in 1974. Bob graduated from Southern Illinois University while double majoring in marketing and management.



(Left) Ken Tumey- Dallas Territory Manager (Right) Ken’s grandson- Gavin

Ken Tumey
was born in Martinsville, Indiana and grew up in an avid farming and racing family. His grandfather ran United States Auto Club (USAC) Modified Sprint Cars and traveled to many races across the Midwest. Due to this, Ken spent much of his time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway before moving to Texas. Tumey attended Indiana University where he was a Music major. He became involved in the forklift industry in February 1972 and has worked at various dealerships during his 42 years of experience. Ken finally came to join Sunbelt’s team on January 3, 2011 as a Territory Manager. He has been married for 37 years and has two grown daughters along with two grandchildren, Gavin age 9 and Aly age 5. In his photo, he is spending quality time with Gavin at Texas Motor Speedway passing down the racing family tradition to the next                                                          generation.

Matt Maddock 

Matt Maddock

Matt Maddock- Dallas Territory Manager

was born, raised and has resided in Fort Worth, Texas for 34 years. His forklift industry experience of 19 years has come from working at Sunbelt Industrial Trucks since 1995, and the entirety of his time has been spent as a member of the Territory Manager team. Matt is a graduate of North Texas State University (currently known as the University of North Texas) where he studied Communication. In an interview, Maddock was asked how he viewed his job at Sunbelt, he responded, “to provide the proper forklift equipment so our clients can maximize their profitability, but more importantly, to become a trusted and valued business partner.” He went on to add, “I want to become a mentor to the next generation of our company’s leaders, just like Warren and Bill were to me. Their impact can not be monetarily measured.” Upon the retirement of our current executives, Matt will be a part of the company’s new leadership team.


Randell post 10yr anniversary

Randell Hiltbrunner- Dallas Territory Manager

Randell Hiltbrunner
was born in small town Pampa, Texas located in the northeast panhandle. Randall eventually moved to Fort Worth in 1982. He was a collegiate soccer player at Texas Wesleyan University and would later transfer to Texas Tech to earn a degree in Creative Writing. Continuing his education at the University of North Texas, Hiltbrunner earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in English, and minors in Ancient Greek, Physical Geology and History. He pursued careers in various industries until joining the Sunbelt team in June 2004. Randell spent eight years as a Customer Service and Support (CSS) Manager and the past two years as a Territory Manager. When asked how he wants to be perceived by his clients, Randell responded, “A man’s word is his bond and I try to only make promises I can keep. I want them to know where I stand and what I am thinking.” Randell has been    married to his wife Julie for 16 years and together they have an “awesome” son Jack.


Zeke Rowan- Dallas Territory Manager


Zeke Rowan
was born in Evergreen Park, Illinois just outside of Chicago. He became part of the Sunbelt team on April 1, 2013. His original position was a CSS manger and on June 1 of this year, he accepted the new opportunity as a Territory Manager. Zeke graduated from the University of Illinois in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. When Zeke was asked about a quote he wanted to share with his clients, he said, “Look for three things in a person: intelligence, energy and integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two” by Warren Buffet. Later on he continued to elaborate about his viewpoint on his new position, “I want to build long lasting relationships where I provide excellent equipment and service for my clients.” Zeke and his girlfriend, Christine Kaufmann, currently reside in Dallas with their 10 month old son, Liam Rowan.

A common thread woven between each of them is their dedication to quality service and overall commitment to the team goal. As individuals they may not have every possible solution to a challenge, but when working together as a cohesive unit they are able to identify the best solutions for our clients. With their combined experience exceeding 115 years, their ability to produce quality solutions is unmatched in the industry. Sunbelt Industrial Trucks provides the best customer service in Texas!


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