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Komatsu AX50
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Product Description

The new Komatsu AX50 Series uses advanced Clean Air Technology to bring exhaust emissions well below Tier II regulation for gasoline and LPG engines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Emission reductions come in part from a new Engine Control Module (ECM) used in both gasoline and LPG engines. The new ECM more accurately regulates air-fuel ratios to deliver optimum combustion while producing exceptionally low emissions levels. The AX50 also reduces environmental sound levels because they produce high operating torque at low engine speeds. All these AX50 features work together to provide a more pleasant and productive environment for everyone in the work area. Features

  • Extened Service Intervals
  • Daily Checks Made Easy
  • Self-Adjusting Brakes
  • Imrpoved Durability and Reliability
  • New High-Efficiency Drive Train
  • Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering