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Nissan Forklifts and UniCarriers

Same quality, different name

Perhaps you’ve seen the brand “Nissan by UniCarriers” while browsing our equipment inventory over the years. That’s because one of our biggest manufacturers had an important change take place. In 2012, Nissan Forklift Corporation joined forces with TCM America to form UniCarriers Americas Corporation. We continued to use the Nissan name at that time because of familiarity and to help our customers know what products they were purchasing. But beginning in 2016, products previously listed as Nissan will now only use the UniCarriers name. Rest assured, it’s the same great products that you’ve come to know and love over the years, supported by the same skilled team here at Sunbelt.   Nissan Forklifts   UniCarriers Forklifts   Here’s a bit of background. In April 2013, Nissan Forklift Corporation announced that it had merged with TCM America and they created a new name, UniCarriers Americas Corporation, with head offices in Marengo, Ill. UniCarriers Americas Corporation is a division of UniCarriers Corporation (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) and now encompasses five brands: Nissan Forklift, TCM, Atlet, Barrett and UniCarriers. To transition the brand equity of the non-UniCarriers brands to UniCarriers, all trucks displayed a “by UniCarriers” endorsement, starting in June 2013. The final transitional phase is now underway. UniCarriers has officially assumed all previous brand names and products.

So what does that mean for you?

  Under this merger, our Nissan Forklift equipment will now be sold under the UniCarriers brand. We have since updated our product shots and spec sheets so our customers can enjoy the newest and most accurate product information available. Though the name has changed, the same exceptional quality and services stays the same. In fact, Nissan equipment will see quality enhancements due to the professional expertise each brand brings to the UniCarriers outfit. For a more comprehensive understanding of the merger, check out UniCarriers’ official video:

UniCarriers brings over Nissan’s core values and implements its own corporate principles to form a leading provider of equipment solutions. UniCarriers possesses a “Never Quit” attitude and is constantly striving for industry excellence. The company also puts green initiatives into practice in order to fulfill its commitment to the environment. For more info on UniCarriers, click here. SPX Center Control CroppedGO4 Cropped Remember, the sales and service has been unaffected here at Sunbelt Industrial Truck. We’ll simply be carrying the trusted brand of Nissan Forklifts under its new name of UniCarriers, with updated information and expertise. Our goal remains the same – to provide our customers with the finest, most productive equipment on the market. As a certified UniCarriers dealer, we’ll continue to carry out that mission. Need help? Let us know!