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Big Joe - OP
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Big Joe order picking trucks are ideal for retail and industrial users looking for a compact vehicle to handle not so compact loads. Simple in design and stout in construction, our line of unique order pickers can handle a wide variety of tasks from basic stock picking to acting as an elevated work platform. Our walkie order pickers maneuverability allows them to function much like a rolling ladder, while at the same time having the carrying capacity of a small freight elevator. This flexibility allows users of Big Joe order pickers to get the most out of their equipment while maintaining safety and low total cost of ownership.


  • 650lb. Capacity operators compartment with safety lanyard
  • Raise and lower controls on platform
  • 24 volt electrical power with Curtis control
  • Built in batteries and smart charger
  • Control arm coupled driveline provides intuitive and direct operator control.
  • Premium steel frame construction protects components and reduces maintenance.
  • Premium steel mast construction provides extended service life and load stability.
  • Ergonomic handle with reversing switch, horn and wrap around hand guard.
  • Chrome plated lift cylinder with pressure compensation lowering valves.
  • A wide variety of vehicle options to meet your specific application needs.